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3 Reasons Why You Should Live in the Brittain Downs Community


There are dozens of prospective communities for new homeowners to consider, but none may be a better choice than Brittain Downs.  The community resides in Nolensville, which offers a small town feel while providing shops, restaurants and other facilities.  Custom built homes fill the community and offer you a plethora of options, and Brittain Downs strives to increase the offerings of the Nolensville charm.  Consider these reasons on why Lifestyle Homes custom Brittain Downs community is the perfect fit for you and your family.


As previously mentioned, Brittain Downs resides in a small town, but offers easy access to Music City, U.S.A.  The community is approximately 20 minutes outside of Nashville, allowing easy access for a stroll down Broadway.  Best of all, you avoid the daily traffic the major city offers by living a few miles outside.  Directly behind the community lies Sunset Elementary and Middle Schools, offering easy access for kids to go to and from school in a safe manner.

Visually Appealing Exterior

Have you ever strolled through neighborhoods and admired their use of stone and brick to appeal to the eye?  Us to!  That’s why we have full brick and stone exteriors specifically designed to appeal to your every style desire.

Custom Designed Elegant Interior

The beauty of owning a Lifestyle home in Brittain Downs is the ability to customize your interior, floor plan and so much more. Instead of moving into a home that you are stuck with, enjoy a custom built home in Brittain Downs that you can fall in love with.

Contact Lifestyle Homes to Learn More About Brittain Downs

If you are interested owning a custom built home in Brittain Downs, contact Deanne at 615.403.8054 or Parviz at 615.300.7623 for more information.