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A New Home Means a New Garden

When you move into a new home in a brand new community, you may notice that your yard is not exactly how you would like it to look. This is your chance to take your garden to the next level and create your backyard masterpiece. Before you go digging and planting, be sure to read our advice for starting a garden at a new home.

Investigate Your Yard

When moving into a previously lived in home, there is a good chance that the prior resident tended to their own garden. This means that although you will not need to start from scratch, you will still need to take note of the quality and state of the lawn, garden beds and any other areas of your new property. For instance, perhaps the previous resident did not take care of the property and left you with a terrible lawn to garden with. Then you will need to take a few steps to get your yard to an acceptable state before even considering planting a beautiful garden.

Pick Out Your Favorite Plants

gardening-middle-tennessee If you are lucky and your new property is in prime planting condition, it’s time to get started. Remember, with a new home, you have the opportunity to start your garden from scratch so choose flowers that you enjoy, plants you’ve always wanted to add to your garden, or other types of gardening decorations. This is your chance to get creative with your garden! Go as creative or minimal as you would like. With a new home, anything is possible – especially with reference to your garden.

Get Advice From New Neighbors

Take a quick look around your neighborhood. What do the other gardens look like? Are they beautiful and in bloom, or dead and dreary? This could also be a sign of the ground condition in your community. Luckily, in Middle Tennessee we are fortunate to have great planting conditions. If you like what you see, be sure to make new friends in your community and ask for gardening advice. You never know what kind of advice you’ll receive! Start your brand new garden in a Lifestyle Homes community today. Be sure to browse our list of new and available communities throughout Middle Tennessee.