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4 Tips for Arranging Furniture in Your New Home

Once you’ve moved into your gorgeous new Lifestyle home, you now have to determine how you want to arrange your furniture. Since this process can sometimes be a bit difficult and daunting, use these tips to help you decide where you want your furniture to go in your new home.

Always Measure the Room

Be sure to accurately measure the space you have available in your new home and room of choice. It can be a challenging situation when you purchase a piece of furniture that cannot fit in your room because you forgot to measure beforehand. Be sure to measure doorways as well, so you know if your furniture can fit through the door!


Have a Balance

Whether you want a symmetrical balance where you have two of everything, or an asymmetrical balance where there may be two chairs of different heights, having a balance of some sort will pull the room together.

Create a Focal Point

When arranging your furniture, your furniture should always point towards a focal point. Examples of common focal points include:

  • Artwork
  • Fireplace
  • Television
  • Window

Arranging your furniture to face a focal point will also increase the functionality of your room. For instance, in a living room, families common arrange their furniture to face a television or series of family pictures.

Don’t Block Anything!

One common mistake is to arrange furniture and accidentally block walkways, doors, windows or any sort of opening. Blocking these entryways and more will limit the functionality of your home.

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