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5 good reasons high-efficiency appliances are worth it Today, taking care of the environment is at the top of everyone’s priority list, and we are no exception. It’s no secret that products with the Energy Star label, a seal of approval from the US Department of Energy, are going to cost more upfront. Undoubtedly, though, they will save you money in the long run, and are definitely worth the higher initial cost.

Being Energy Efficient Saves You Money

In recent years, high-efficiency appliances have become more popular than ever. It can be assumed, if only from the name, that they are better for the environment than their cheaper, less buzz-worthy counterparts, but the looming question is “what’s in it for me?”

Tax Breaks

Most states, including Tennessee, offer a ton of financial incentives for upgrading large household appliances, such as washing machines and dryers, dishwashers and more. Click here for a full list of policies and incentives regarding energy efficient appliances.

Take Advantage of Rebates

Many energy efficient appliances come with rebate opportunities making a seemingly expensive item a bit more affordable. When debating between brands, carefully take rebates into consideration, and remember to take advantage of them before they expire.

You Use Less Energy

In addition, energy efficient appliances are just that – energy efficient, meaning you use less energy each month. This makes them worth the price of upgrading. With the price of electricity skyrocketing, cutting energy costs is on everyone’s radar, and high-efficiency appliances are the simplest way to do that. The extra money spent on an energy efficient appliance can be made up in as little as two years by the money being saved each month on electricity.

They Make Your Life Easier

Energy star appliances also tend to be more convenient for you. For example, according to the Washington Post, an Energy Star washer and dryer allow you to: wash more clothes and dry them faster than non-energy efficient appliances that are currently on the market. This was especially true for the people upgrading from older washers and dryers. This is mostly due to technological advances in the past decade. The engineers who design these products have been able to develop them so you are able to get more of your chores done in a shorter amount of time while cutting back the number of resources required.

They Really Are Better Products

High-Efficiency Appliances tend to require less maintenance throughout their life, which can save a household hundreds of dollars in product and service charges. Of course, this is a trend and not a fact. Nonetheless, you should take this into consideration when shopping for home appliances; however, remember to read product reviews and do your research before purchasing any appliance.

They Help Fight Climate Change

In addition to saving energy and, therefore, saving you money, high-efficiency appliances cut down water consumption, gas emissions and can even reduce our dependence on foreign fossil fuels. Household appliances account for about one-fifth of the average household’s energy use, and almost all of that energy is produced at power plants by burning fossil fuels. Switching to high-efficiency appliances cuts back fossil fuel depletion and reduces the amount of Greenhouse gasses released into the environment, which is the main contributor to climate change.

Energy Efficient Homes in Middle Tennessee

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