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5 Important Things to Consider When Building A Home Theater

5 important things to consider when building a home theater

Home theaters are becoming somewhat common with current custom home design and for good reason. The amount of technology at your disposal makes recreating a cinematic environment in the comfort of your own home easier than ever!

If you have decided that your custom home just would not be complete with an ultramodern home theater, then you have some big decisions to make in your immediate future. We’ve taken some time to put together a list of the five most common considerations that you should think about before planning out your own home theater.

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a home theater with a drop down projector screen

The distance that televisions have come, in terms of clarity, features, and size can be measured in light-years; screens are clearer and larger than ever before.

The general rule that people follow when selecting a television for their home theater is “the bigger the better.” Seeing as how the goal is to recreate the atmosphere of a movie theater, it should always start with a big enough screen that will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the viewing experience.


Small black speaker with a yellow cone

Working in accordance with the display, the audio component of the home theater plays a vital role. A surround sound system can take any entertainment system to new levels, but it is especially effective in a home theater – you want to be drenched in sound when enjoying your home theater!

There are plenty of options for sound systems, so make sure you do your research. One tip is to always pick a reputable brand that is known for producing quality speakers; the right system will last a very long time.


dark grey satellite dish mounted on the roof of a house with a blue sky in the background

One important question to ask is: how will I be enjoying my home theater? Cable or satellite providers offer a plethora of packages that are aimed to fit different needs.

If you are more of a sports fan, you can select bundles that will make sure you don’t miss out on any news or major sporting events. Movie fans are in luck as well, with the availability of numerous packages that show nothing but hit films!

Shop around and find the perfect provider for you and your family, and don’t forget to ask about introductory deals for new customers.


a home theater with theater-style tiered seating

Now that you’ve got the hardware and cable source squared away, you should turn your attention to the actual room. You want your home theater to be comfortable for a few reasons, but mainly because it’s your home!

Seating is essential to a comfortable home theater. Recliners, sofas, even tiered armchairs are all options for seating in a home theater, and your decision purely depends on personal preference.

Lighting is also something to consider as a dark and calming room is the ideal environment to get wrapped up in a thrilling movie.


close-up of a calculator with black buttons

Now that you know just what you need to put together your perfect home theater, you need to find the right pieces that fit your budget. Electronics tend to go on sale just after the holidays, so keep your eyes peeled for great deals on televisions and sound systems in January. For great deals on couches or arm chairs keep an eye on garage or estate sales, just make sure to thoroughly inspect any furniture before buying it.

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A home theater is a great way to transform a custom home into an entertainment hub. If you would like your next home to feature a home theater, do not hesitate to contact Lifestyle Homes today!