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6 Vegetables You Must Have In Your Fall Garden

6 Vegetables You Must Have In Your Fall Garden If you started a garden this summer, then you already know how fulfilling and fun it is to grow your own produce. For those who didn’t begin the garden of their dreams, it’s not too late to start!

Fall is a great time to get into gardening, especially if the extreme heat of the Middle Tennessee summer months scared you off back in May. The perfect fall garden is one full of hearty vegetables that will be ready for the table by Thanksgiving!

Here are some awesome vegetables to include in your fall garden, whether you already have earned your green thumb or are just now looking to get into the addicting hobby of gardening!


a healthy and green pile of broccoli As well as being able to handle cooler weather, broccoli is full of nutrients. It is very easy to grow and is unaffected by the occasional frost. The ideal time to plant broccoli seedlings is late summer, about 10 weeks before the first expected frost in your region.

Brussels Sprouts

Large pile of green Brussel's sprouts The colder weather of fall brings out the full flavor of Brussels sprouts, making it one of the few vegetables that literally tastes better when grown in the fall. It takes approximately 3 months for you to start seeing any sprouts and they are ready for harvesting when they are deep green and firm.


2 heads of green lettuce in a garden Lettuce brings unmatched versatility to your fall garden with dozens of varieties and colors to choose from. Sow the seeds later in the summer and make sure to water frequently during the first until they mature past the seedling stage. Also, don’t forget to shade the younger plants from the sun with a sheet or canvas tarp.


A large pile of green spinach leaves Every garden could use the addition of a “super food,” and spinach is a great option for the cooler months. Incredibly easy to grow, spinach can be planted in the summer for a fall harvest or even in the winter for a spring harvest. You can essentially have spinach on-demand thanks to its frost and heat resistance!


A group of several white cauliflower plants Cauliflower can be a bit harder to grow, but if done correctly can be a great option for the fall. Make sure the seedlings are always watered and tie the outer leaves together once the plant is large enough (about 2-3 inches in diameter).


One single head of green cabbage Specifically “late” cabbage varieties, this tough vegetable can also add a bit of color to your cool-season garden. Plant cabbage right at the halfway point of summer and prepare for full heads ready for harvesting in the fall. Give the young plants a little protection of the sun for the first few weeks with a bed sheet or tarp to ensure their health through the season.

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