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3 Interior Design Trends You Should Never Use in Your Home

3-interior-desifgn-trends-you-should-never-use-in-your-home-lifestyle-homes At the beginning of the year, every homeowner is flooded with emails about the latest interior design trends. Unfortunately, not everyone takes the latest style trends into consideration, and their home ends up looking like an interior design disaster. The interior styling of your home not only contributes to the overall atmosphere in each room of your house, but also contributes to the satisfaction you get out of your home. In 2017, avoid these awful interior design trends if you want to have a beautiful home in Middle Tennessee.

Sacrificing Safety for Style

Some of the latest trends do not take the safety of you or your family into consideration. From chic staircases void of railings, to furniture with incredibly sharp corners, to layouts that limit walking space and obstruct exits, these interior design trends are an accident or injury waiting to happen. When designing the inside of your home, always keep the safety of you, your family and others in mind!

All-White Decorations, Furniture and Trends

How long does it take for a nice white shirt to get dirty? It doesn’t take very long, now does it? The same concept applies to all of your white walls, decorations, and furniture. It is all too easy to spill coffee on your white chair early in the morning, and watch your white picture frames become gray with dust. Instead of going ‘all-white’, carefully diversify your color choices. If you insist on using white in your interior design, incorporate other ‘pops’ of color throughout your home.

Ditch the ‘70s

For one reason or another, some homes STILL focus on the tacky styles from the 1970s. The shag carpets and overly dull shades of color are not what you should be using in your home during the 21st century or ever again!

Here Are Some Additional Tips for Your Interior Design

  • Practicality should be the main goal of your home’s decor, trendy design should come second. Avoid using impractical items in your home for the sake of design.
  • Along with avoiding white colors, avoid using no color and poor color combinations. Each room should have a vibrant accenting color.
  • Keep up with trends to avoid falling into cookie cutter designs.

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