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Personalize Your Man Cave in Your Custom Home!


If you are a typical homebuyer, you have a pre-determined layout and have to figure out which items go where.  If you are a creative, custom homebuyer, then you have the opportunity to choose the floor plan, tailor the home to your needs, and have total control of what goes where.  Much more exciting, right? Rather than making your man cave out of a spare room that can barely fit a recliner and 22” TV, incorporate it into the floor plan of your customized home, and allow yourself the ability to explore and make it yours!


Having a well thought-out layout for your man cave is an important step in developing the perfect room to kick back and relax.  Do you want a smaller 60” projector screen just big enough for you and a friend to watch March Madness, or are you hoping to host a family reunion with designated recliners for the eight nieces and nephews accompanied by a 120” screen?  Consider room for a table, a kitchenette, or any of the other essential items that come with a man cave while customizing your layout.


Once the layout of your custom home has been decided, you can now start figuring out your furniture preferences. Add movie theater style recliners on the three levels of the customized stadium seating platforms.  Don’t forget to ensure the recliners have integrated cup holders so that you never have to get out of your seat while watching the big game.  Include a table on the far wall so that the neighbors can set their dishes down for the “tailgate.”  Include a couch on the back wall for those not interested in the game, but are more for the camaraderie.  Soon, your customized man cave will be the talk of the neighborhood!  New neighbors may even try to replicate your special nook when they develop their own floor plans for their custom home!


There are several must haves for a man cave: A layout that serves your needs (check!), furniture (check!), and the entertainment devices, of course.  Incorporate a media center containing a game system, wireless sound system receiver, DVR, DVD player, and any other entertainment needs.  Incorporate whatever suits your wants and needs!  After all, these are just suggestions considering it is your custom man cave!

Think outside the box and develop your own custom man cave inside your new custom home.  Lifestyle Homes eliminates the “trapped in a box” feeling that pre-determined layouts often present.  Get creative, make it yours, and contact Lifestyle Homes to make your idea a reality!