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4 Practical Landscaping Projects You Should Try This Summer

4 Practical Landscaping Projects You Should Try This Summer Your backyard and garden are a blank canvas, ready for whatever your imagination can dream up. There are countless ways to add to your landscaping without breaking the bank – the sky truly is the limit. From extremely simple tips to more intensive endeavors, it is up to you to decide what your landscaping needs and what it could do without.

Here are some inexpensive ideas that can help take your backyard, garden and landscaping to that next level you’ve been searching for.


Having a compost pile can provide many benefits to your backyard landscaping. Starting by reducing the amount of trash you throw out, composting also is useful in the garden. Since compost is essentially slightly broken down organic material, it is a fantastic fertilizer that is rich is nutrients and will promote healthy flowers and plants. There are many ways to start composting, but you can start by building a compost bin.

Define Your Space

Something as simple as creating a clear and apparent border to your landscaping can create a very clean, new look. Construction companies will sometimes have extra landscaping timbers that are excellent for making borders in your garden. You can also get creative and use different sized items, like stones or old bricks. Boulders work great at defining corners and can have a very powerful presence in your backyard.


One way to cut down on the time you spend maintaining your lawn while creating a new look is by incorporating “hardscaping.” Pavers can be laid down to create uniform flat areas that can serve as an extension of a patio. Large stone or tile pieces can be laid down to form paths while smaller gravel paths are also common in gardens. These are useful in reducing the amount of lawn space that requires maintenance, such as watering and mowing. They also look great and can help explore different areas of your backyard or garden that you have neglected.

Make a Rain Barrel

The rainy Middle Tennessee summers provide a wonderful opportunity to capture rainwater for the purpose of reusing it in your garden. Very easy to install, rain barrels or other catchment systems not only collect rainwater for watering plants, but they also protect your yard from punishing storm water runoff (Make sure to check they are legal in your area). Rain barrels have the potential to collect over 1,000 gallons of water each year.

While large landscaping projects will require some time and money, there are endless more practical projects that you can take on and explore your creative side. Have you considered adding a garden to your custom home? Contact Lifestyle Homes to get started on your custom home today!