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Add a Personal Touch – 3 DIY Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Add a Personal Touch – 3 DIY Decorating Ideas for Your Home The satisfaction that comes with styling and creating your own decorations for your home is tough to beat.

Getting inspired can be very tough, however, and sometimes all you need is a little spark to get the creative juices flowing.

Here are four fantastic ideas for DIY decorating projects that can add your own personal touch to the décor of your home:

Framed Fabric

Paintings and portraits have been common wall adornments for centuries. While these framed features have been staples for wall decorations for a long time, there are other ways to incorporate a gorgeous frame without the expensive or time-consuming painting to fill it.

Framing a unique and fun piece of fabric stretched over a piece of canvas can create exciting looks while also providing texture. Bright colors and patterns can make these inexpensive pieces really “pop” off the wall and bring a room to life.

Filling an empty space on a wall can be a very tall task, so simplify the process and save yourself some money by taking on the project yourself.

Paint a Runner

Incorporating a runner in a high traffic area of the home can cause quite a headache. The runner always seems to find a way to move from its intended location in a very frustrating fashion and will eventually require cleaning. A unique approach to the classic runner is to paint a “runner” on the floor of a hallway or entrance.

These are very easy to “install” and require nowhere near as much maintenance as a carpet runner. You also have the chance to be creative with your design and color choice here – maybe a solid, bold color would bring the hallway together, or perhaps a colorful pattern would do the trick.

Set aside some time on a weekend and turn this DIY project into an activity that involves the whole family.

Revive Your Sofa

If you have a comfortable and welcoming living room, chances are your sofa gets quite the workout. While it may still be perfectly fine from a structural standpoint, the outer appearance may be singing a different tune entirely.

Always remember that some cosmetic flaws should not shorten the life of your sofa – there are ways to mask these blemishes! A slipcover is a tried-and-true method of revamping a worn-in couch, and when it is installed properly it can create the illusion of a brand new piece of furniture completely.

Use a wooden spoon to make sure the slipcover reaches deep into each possible space and crevice to ensure a tight fit. You also have the chance to add some substance to thin or narrow armrests or backrests with additional foam padding placed under the cover.

This summer, set aside some time for a few DIY projects that can add some character to your custom home.

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